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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Order No P 6 (4) Raj-4/77/2 Date 11.01.2008 by Rajasthan Government Revenue Gr-6 Department

1. Today I provide order no P 6 (4) Raj-4/77/2 date 11.01.2008 by Rajasthan Government Revenue Gr-6 Department. 
2. This order is in Hindi language. 
3. This circular is issued by Rajasthan Government Revenue Gr-6 Department. 
4. Rajasthan government issue this circular of regulrize enchrochment on govt land or in hidi we can say " Sivay chak bhumiyo par atikarman ko niyamit karna " . Encroachment prior to 01.01.2000 will be regularize. 
5. For download or save this order click on Image and Then right click and choose print for print and save image for download. 
6. If you want any order then please use comment below this post, I try my best to provide it if it is available with me. Please do not ask my mobile number because due to lot of work I am unable to talk with every reader on mobile. 
7. Related Act rule or circular :- Rajasthan Tenancy Act 1955
8. Land given in Rajasthan Tenancy Act 1955 section 16 will not be regularize under this order. 
9. Author try his best to provide accurate order but no liability is accepted in any typing or other type of mistake in this order is only for educational purpose of revenue department employee not for legal use in any jurisdiction.

10. राजस्थान सरकार के राजस्व गु्रप 6 विभाग का आदेश क्रमांक प 6 (4)राज-4/77/2 दिनांक 11.01.2008
11. राजस्थान सरकार ने सिवाय चक सरकारी भूमियों पर 01.01.2000 से पहले के धारा 91 के तहत अतिक्रमणों को नियमित करने के लिये जो आदेश जारी किया है उसकी प्रतिलिपि.

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